KMCC, Mae Toa Clinic and BMTA combine to celebrate drawing and story telling ceremony on 22/5/2017. The students from nine schools come to compete in this ceremony. 40 students compete in drawing and 5 in story telling. 4 students from SAW participate in drawing competition and get consolation prize by drawing Ma May Su picture     G (6).

The students use 3 languages (English, Karen and Burmese languages) in story telling in this year; they can use either of these languages as they prefer. KMCC states they are glad to see that the students apply Karen and Burmese languages in competition in this year. Furthermore, they hope the students will be able to use English language in competition in next coming years.

May 22, 2017 is also KMCC’s opening ceremony day. They also invite other organizations to come and join with the conference and activities for children at their center. KMCC donates 1,000 Baths for SAW students and then provides badminton and basketball for SAW’s children.


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