About 10 years ago, a five years old girl named Naw Dar was arrived at Mae Sot bus station and did not know where to go. One of the members of CBO, who saw that little girl, sent Naw Dar to SAW because he/she was worried if Naw Dar was trafficked by a motorbike taxi driver. Nobody could know who Naw Dar’s parents were and aslo Naw Dar could not remember anything and had a mental problem. For being a good thing for Naw Dar is having many parents since she arrived at SAW; she called teacher Simonethway as Daddy and for Ma May Kyi and I, she called us mom; moreover, Naw Dar still had many parents among SAW teachers. She pestered teacher Simonethway to buy a real pair of earrings for her very often. Naw Dar’s brain development is weaker than normal children and could not memorize anything; therefore, she failed grade 4 exam many times and nobody did not dare to let’s her take grade 4 government test again. But for this year, both Naw Dar as well as her teachers gave effort on that exam to get a good result. Today, Naw Dar carries a good new to me; she says, “I have passed the exam” with a big smile and happy face. Ma May Kyi also hear Naw Dar’s good new, so she has to prepare to give Naw Dar a phone because Ma May Kyi has told Naw Dar “ if u pass the exam, I will give you a phone”.  Because Naw Dar has passed the exam, all of moms from SAW also have to give Naw Dar pocket moneys: 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 baht, and Naw Dar is really excited and happy for it. And then, Naw Dar goes to her teacher Ma Kay and says you must feed me snack for 10 baht for I pass the exam, and when teacher Ma Kay hears Naw Dar has passed the exam, she runs to her with excitement. Naw Dar is also a funny kid; she likes to joke. Last water festival, she said, “If nobody chooses me as a dancer and does not let me dance in dancing group, I will do a beauty queen”. In fact, Naw Dar is a girl who always smiles and has a good social skill among other people.

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