Pho Si Si GPA 3.60

Pho Si Si was born within seven months without completing pound. He was born at teacher Dr Cynthia Maung’s Mae Tao Clinic. As soon as he was born, he was taken to SAW’s crèches as an orphan. Dr.Terry, who comes from America as a volunteer and comes to Mae Tao Clinic annually for helping, helped his mom to give a birth for him.

Aunty Dr Win Myint Than, who stays at Canada and is being as a volunteer helping at Mae Tao Clinic, arranges for other people to take care of him at SAW crèches. Furthermore, she is one of the SAW’s counselor members. She is one of the people who worry for Pho Si Si if he will alive. She said she was one of the people who didn’t dare to cuddle him as his body was so little and red.

Pho Si Si starts studying at a Thai school. This school thinks he is an unintelligent person and suggests SAW to send him to cripple (disable) school because he doesn’t read and write as teachers teach.

“I don’t want to send him to cripple school; I decide to send him to any school, which will accept him” said Dr Win Myint Than. Fortunately, Chinese private school accepts him. Now, he finishes Kg 1.2.3 and graduates.

SAW recognizes Pho Si as not being weak intelligent person as he can memorize the song’s lyrics and sing. He is going to attend to grade 3rd soon from being moving one to another school; he has been moved from 3 schools already.

Today is the day that the result is released from Pho Si Si School. He is number 11 and gets grade 15. He passes grade 2nd with his GPA 3.60 out of 4 (GPA 4 is the highest). He is ready to attend to grade 3rd very soon. He wants a bicycle as a present for him.

He uses to propose Aunty May Kyi, who is one of the SAW’s founders, to buy a mobile phone for him if he gets grade 1. He is not similar to other children who like cartoon movies. Instead, he likes not only to listen to the lively pop songs that adults people like but also he can sing it without looking at the lyrics. In addition, he doesn’t want the doll cars that children like to play. Instead, he often tells he wants real big car.

When he sees the cars crossing in front of the house, he always requests to buy car for him. Mee phyu, the oldest daughter who takes responsibility to sends him to school and picks up him back from school, loves him very much.

He used to bully her and he is angry if he doesn’t get what he wants. She wants to boast other people about his brother’s exam outcome, so she takes the picture of Pho Si Si’s exam result from his school although the teacher doesn’t provide official outcome paper yet.

The person who loves him the most is grandmother Thein who has been taken care of him since he was young. She goes back to Myanmar because of her health condition and, as a result, it makes him missing her a lot with hope when she will come back to him. When he is being a monk for a while, she comes and visits him for some days. He used to tell his friends that his mother is grandmother Thein and his father is Dr Theree. He always comes and visits to him annually and gives him compassion because Pho Si Si is a child who he has been helped in giving a birth.

Pho Si Si loves Daw Thein so much as well; he always tells other people who visit to him that he wants to visit to her. She deserves to be his mother because she is the person who takes care of him since he was young. Both of them cry when they separate from each other and meet each other again. Even though she goes back to village in Myanmar, she still explores the news about Pho Si Si and cries. Now is the time she and he meet just for temporary.

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