Respected international friends
Our organization, called Social Action For Children and Women, has been helping vulnerable
children and women in the Thai-Burma border.
Our organization was founded in 2000, and we are able to help more than ten thousand children
and women during 16 years. We have been assisting foundlings, women and children who are
suffering from HIV, women and children who are victims of human trafficking, women and
children who are victims of sexual abuse, and women and children who are in trouble because of
a variety of reasons.

Since 2015, many migrant schools cannot be run in the Thai-Burma border due to reducing
funding. Thus, about nine thousand migrant children have difficulties to have access to
education. In 2017, 14 schools including SAW school are about to be cancelled because of
financial difficulties. However, SAW school is able to be run, and opens on June 5 on account of
the help from parents and volunteer teachers. SAW educational program can open from primary
to high school, and it also teaches students who will take GED exam.

SAW school has many difficulties in 2017-2018 academic years, and SAW kindly requests
international friends to help its educational program in order to keep running its school.

Respected people who will help contact this bank address 
SAW Bank Account
Account Name: SAW (Social Action for Women)
Bank Name: Kasikorn Bank
Swift code: KASI THB
Bank account number: 212-2- 620-46- 0
Bank Address: 84/9 Prasartvitee road
City, State, Postal Code: Maesod, Tak

มูลนิธิช่วยเหลือทางสังคมเพื่อเด็กและสตรี (มชด.)
Social Action For Children And Women (SAW)

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