Harvested the paddy that we planted

Nov. 15 | Social Action for Children and Women (SAW) Organization’s income searching plan harvested the paddies, which have been planted in 2017, in November. We have planted the paddy since 2016; it has been two years already that we plant and sell the paddy....

Paddy cultivation

May. 30 | SAW’s school and group are preparing paddy cultivation for finding fund at the end of March. Some teachers and students will participate for paddy cultivation. A field will be ploughed by tractors, and will be covered with water in the evening. In the...

The Roselle Plants for Kitchen Garden program

May. 28 | The field full of Roselle plants is cleared for the purpose of ploughing which will be occurring soon. On account of having plenty of Roselle plants, not only are Roselle plants distributed to communities but they are also sold to shops and regular customers....

SAW Online Journal for April, 2017

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Selling rices as part of SAW’s fund raising activities

Jan. 3 | On December 2016, we sold the rice after haverested as part of SAW’s fund raising activities in the market and in the factories where Burmese migrant workers live; they’re all very supportive by purchasing our rice.

Harvesting Time

Jan. 3 |     On Novermber 2016, as part of SAW’s fund raising activities, we have rent a piece of land grown paddy, and harvested recently.

SAW Online Journal (November,2016)

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